Interpreters ensure that foreign languages are successfully communicated in meetings, conferences and during company on-site visits when the participants are from different countries with different languages. The primary tools of the interpreter is his/her voice, trained hearing, a confident command of at least two languages, professional use of modern conference technology, and the ability to communicate according to the situation and context in the appropriate target language. The listener should be able to forget that he/she is listening to a translation.
All translators working with AGIS have a university degree and have completed their academic education at a renowned interpreter and translation university in Europe. All members of our team also have many years of professional experience.

There are several different interpreting techniques: simultaneous interpretation (the interpreter interprets the spoken language at the same time as the speaker, and an interpretation booth is necessary), whispering interpretation (simultaneous interpretation without the use of interpretation equipment, and only for a maximum of 2 listeners), consecutive interpretation (the interpreter takes notes and then translates what the speaker has just said when he/she pauses), and negotiation and escort interpretation (can be a mixture of consecutive and whispering interpretation).

We provide the following extensive interpreting services:

  • We advise you on which kind of interpretation is most suitable for your needs.
  • We put a competent interpreting team together
  • We work closely with professional companies providing technical equipment for interpreting, and obtain quotes for custom-made technical systems.
  • Our advice helps you save money, because often the most state of the art solution is not automatically the best.
  • We take care of all customer-specific needs from planning through to execution and wrap-up.
  • We provide you with a clearly understandable quote, identifying all services.
We offer in-depth advice on all your questions on multi-lingual communications, tailor-made for your needs. Contact us today!


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