The task of a professionally trained translator is to ensure an accurate and correct transcription of a written text into another language. To ensure this, AGIS translators work with the latest in translation software (Trados, Multiterm) as well as professional dictionaries, and have access to comprehensive terminology databases. Of prime importance to us is, of course, your company's internal terminology to which we can adapt ourselves individually. Modern communications ensure rapid transmission of assignments, and adhering to deadlines whilst providing the highest quality is paramount for us.
All translators working in our team are university graduates and have been academically trained as translators at renowned European universities.
To ensure the best quality for your translations, our translators only work in their native language. To make sure that this quality really is the best, each translation is also proofread by a second translator.

We offer the following services:

  • You send us your text to be translated (we process texts with all the current programmes, e.g. MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
  • We formulate a price
  • We agree on a delivery date with you
  • We look for the most suitable translator to do the translation and we check the translation
  • We deliver on time







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